Got a question? We’ve got an answer.

Prospective Tenants

1. Question: How do I reserve an apartment?

Answer: All interested applicants/roommates must fill out an application, co-signer form and pay a non-refundable $45.00 application fee. This fee covers the cost of running a background check. At that time you are encouraged to put down a holding fee equivalent to first month’s rent which will reserve the apartment for you. Upon approval, a lease signing appointment will need to be made. It is advisable that all tenants attend. The holding fee will become the first month’s rent after the Lease has been signed.

2. Question: We want a four-bedroom but we only have three people interested right now. Can we still reserve the four-bedroom we want?

Answer: You are free to fill out the application and submit the “holding fee” and sign a Lease. However, the three people who do sign the Lease will be responsible for the entire amount of the Lease come September if they do not find a fourth.

3. Question: What apartments do you have available and how much do they cost?

Answer: Our page for New England Apartments contains the latest rent rates and availabilities. Or you may call 360-778-3518 and talk to the Leasing Agent.

4. Question: How long are the Leases?

Answer: They run from September 1st to Noon, August 31st. Due to the cleaning and inspection required at move-out all tenants have to agree to take possession on September 5th, or anytime thereafter.

5. Question: Does RPM allow subletting?

Answer: We do, but we have very specific criteria for subletting and we do not find a sublet for you or provide a list of potential sublet tenants. It is your responsibility to find someone to take over your lease. Please ask for our sublet packet for more information on subletting.

6. Question: When is rent due?

Answer: Rent is due on the first (1st) of each month with no grace period. It is considered late after the 1st. Mailed rent must arrive at RPM by the 1st.

7. Question: How do you handle maintenance requests?

Answer: We have an on-line maintenance tracking system available by clicking the “Help Desk” on our website. This is our preferred method of reporting maintenance issues in order to ensure timely service to you.

8. Question: We are interested in a mulitple room apartment. Is there one lease per person or one lease per unit?

Answer: There is one lease per unit. All tenants are responsible for the entire unit as a whole– so choose your roommates wisely! We are not responsible or liable for any conflicts between roommates.

9. Question: What is included in my rent?

Answer: Water/Sewer/Garbage. You are responsible for additional utilities such as electricity, gas, cable, internet and phone.

10. Question: You wanted me to fill-out a Co-signer form? Why do I need one and what does it do?

Answer: Students typically do not have an established credit history, so we ask for a co-signer to protect our interests as well as yours. If we are unable to collect rent and fees from other tenants in the apartment in the event that you don’t pay, we will then contact your co-signer for payment.