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How do I reserve an apartment at New England Apartments?

Answer: We will begin pre-leasing for September 2022 in February of 2022.  If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a unit, use the contact page to send us an email.  Once we begin pre-leasing, all interested applicants/roommates must fill out an application and pay a non-refundable $45 Application Fee. This fee covers the cost of running a background check.   Each applicant must also have a Co-signer. The Co-signers must complete a Co-signer Application and pay a non-refundable $45 application fee as well.  Application fees can be paid online using our make a payment option, or by clicking             . Once applications have been approved, we will assign you a unit per your preferences and email you an electronic Lease Agreement. Once the Lease is signed, you will pre-pay your September rent as a holding fee.

We want a four-bedroom but we only have three people interested right now.

Can we still reserve the four-bedroom we want?

Answer: You are free to fill out the applications, sign the lease and submit the holding fee.  You then have until September to find a fourth person to apply and sign onto the Lease. New England is leased by the unit, which gives you complete control over who your roommates are.

Please note: If you are unable to find a fourth person you will still be held responsible for the entire months rent. 

What apartments do you have available and how much do they cost?

Answer: All units are listed on our website under the New England Tab on the left side bar.  You can view photos, video tours, and see how much they are to rent. Once you have picked a unit, click on the apply button also located on the same page.



How long are the Leases?

Answer: They run from September 1st to Noon, August 31st. Due to the cleaning and inspection required at move-out all tenants have to agree to take possession on September 5th, or anytime thereafter.

Does RPM allow subletting?

Answer: Yes, if you are looking to sublet your room or entire unit please request a sublet packet from our main office or download one             .

When is rent due and how can I pay my rent?

Answer: Rent is due on the 1st of every month. Rent can be paid through Bill Pay through your bank, on our website by clicking                (transaction fees apply). In person with check, cash, or a Money Order. We do not accept in person card payments. For more information on payment methods click                .

How do you handle maintenance requests?

Answer: You may submit a Maintenance Request by filling out and submitting a Maintenance Request form.

We are interested in a multiple room apartment.

Is there one lease per person or one lease per unit?

Answer: There is one lease per unit, allowing tenants control over who their roommates are.



What is included in my rent?

Answer:  Beginning September 2022, Tenants will each be assessed a $25 per month utility fee for Water/Sewer/Garbage are included in the rent. Tenants are responsible for electricity, gas (in select units) and cable/internet as desired.

What is the purpose of a cosigner?


Answer: Students typically do not have an established credit history, so we ask for a Co-signer to protect our interests as well as yours.  Your Co-signer will complete the form and pay a $45.00 application fee to cover a background/credit check.

Do you allow pets?

Answer: The New England Apartments does not allow pets, however service animals (ESA) are allowed upon providing the proper documentation and completing an  animal agreement form  .

How does parking work at New England Apartments?

Answer: At New England Apartments, there is open parking for tenants only.  Tenants are issued a parking pass that identifies their vehicle as belonging to a current tenant. The pass does not assign a specific spot nor guarantee a spot. There is additional overflow parking provided by Western across the street available between the hours of 5:00PM until 7:00AM. 


(360) 778-3518

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